I’m back at last after a very long weekend, For people who would like to see my photos of the weekend you can Here . Now on with the updates. I have added in HD screen captures from last weeks all new arrow 3×02- Sara. How good was Katie in this episode. You can view the caps now in the gallery.

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KSiteTV visits the set of Arrow and talks to Katie Cassidy about Laurel’s journey in Season 3 following the death of her sister, Sara. Is the Black Canary coming? For more interviews visit KSiteTV’s Arrow portal at GreenArrowTV.com.

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A furious Nyssa (guest star Katrina Law) confronts Oliver (Stephen Amell) about Sara. When Oliver learns Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) is alive, he suspects Merlyn killed Sara. Oliver and Nyssa join forces and go after the Dark Archer, intent on bringing Sara’s killer to justice. Laurel (Katie Cassidy) keeps her distance from Nyssa, as she blames her sister’s death on her involvement with the League of Assassins. Meanwhile, Oliver and Roy (Colton Haynes) work on repairing their respective relationships with Thea (Willa Holland), who has returned home. Nyssa discusses Oliver with her father, Ra’s al Ghul (guest star Matt Nable).

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Part 1 of ELLE’s Behind the Smile series with Katie Cassidy, TV actress on Arrow and fashion blogger at TomBoyKC.com. KatIe shares how she stays healthy as she balances a rigorous shooting schedule with trips to her hometown, LA, for red carpet events. Follow @3DWhite on Instagram and Twitter for even more behind-the-scenes #SmileStyle wisdom!

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With thanks to Mary we now have a scan from Elle US November, Katie talks about the workout and how she keep the smile.

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Viewers of CW’s Arrow were shocked during last week’s Season 3 premiere, as the episode ended with the sudden death of Sara Lance. On the heels of this, having already lost her sister once before, and the death of Tommy in Season 1, Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) may not have much left to lose. But all the tragedy may make for even more coming her way in this year.

I talked to Cassidy about what’s in store for Laurel in Season 3 and if everything that has happened could lead to her character finally turning into the superhero DC Comics fans know her to be.

IGN: Obviously, last week’s episode was a hard hit for Laurel with Sara’s death. Can you talk about how that’s going to effect Laurel moving forward and how she’s going to handle that?
Cassidy: Before I get into all that, the one thing I will say is the thing that’s great about our show and television is anything can happen. So maybe she’s not dead. Who knows? The thing that I love so much is that our show, it takes place in different time periods. So everyone’s like, “Oh, Caity Lotz, she’s not going to be around” and I was like, “Actually she is.” We do flashbacks. You never know what can happen. There’s dream sequences, there’s all these cool things that our writers and producers can come up with. Sara is a huge part of the season and Laurel’s journey. Having seen the premiere, seeing Laurel and Sara at the end, obviously Sara looking… Assuming she’s dead, [Laurel], I think, has to dig really deep and come out the other end, come out stronger. I think there’s anger, I think there’s obviously sadness. It actually almost gives her a lot of strength. It’s like she wants to get revenge on whoever did that. Season 3, the writers have done a wonderful job and given Laurel such a great arc. I’m really excited about it and I think the fans are going to be really excited.

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Just a little note to say that the caps from tonight’s ep of Arrow will not be up till monday, The place I’m at dose have internet but they don’t have the power to do a ep of Arrow that is up in the GB’s of space so I will have to do it at home on monday sorry all.

The CW’s Arrow with its Season 3 premiere sent many a viewer’s jaw dropping off that very same roof, as Laurel Lance’s sister Sara was ambushed by an unseen archer, and sent plummeting to a grisly fate. The aftershock of that event will propel Laurel herself on a journey, one fueled by vengeful rage and leading her to a man who is poised to play a significant role in reshaping her for a dynamic destiny.
Katie Cassidy spoke with TVLine about the “huge” role Sara will continue to play in Laurel’s life, as Team Arrow finds itself down one Black Canary… and very likely fated to one day recruit another.
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TVLINE | At the time you and Caity Lotz filmed the Season 2 finale, did you know that there was an even bigger goodbye scene coming up in the premiere?
What makes you think it’s a final goodbye…?

TVLINE | Well, Sara got shot up with a bunch of arrows and fell from a roof….
It’s television, maybe she’s still alive! [Laughs] But having said that, no, we definitely did not know that that was going to be in the season opener. The one thing I will say about our show, which is great, is that Sara is very much a huge part of Season 3. She drives Laurel, she is inspirational for her. She motivates her. There are plenty of reasons why Laurel does some of the things she does in Season 3 are encouraged by her sister.

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Hey just a little note to say that I’m going away tomorrow till monday for a Supernatural con. I will try my best to get Arrow caps up some time this week but it is all on if I can get the net or not. If not caps will be up monday and well as any updates i miss.

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Here is the promo for nexts week all new Arrow 3×02 – Sara

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