With a big thanks to Mary we now have HQ photos of Katie on the Arrow set for Dyla wedding on January 19th.

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Black Canary made her full debut last night and I just love how there showing her nothing to kick ass but still trying her best. I have updated our photo gallery with over 450 HD screen captures of Katie from last nights all new episode of Arrow 3×11 – Midnight City. Enjoy!

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The 28-year-old actress shared her excitement for the DC Comics superhero in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Cassidy has portrayed Laurel Lance on The CW series since its premiere in 2012, and assumed Black Canary after Sara Lance’s (Caity Lotz) death.

“I can’t tell you how happy it made me,” she said of the transition. “Honestly, there’s no words that can even explain how lucky, excited, grateful, thrilled I am. For the Black Canary fans, I hope they’re happy with my performance and my take on the character.”

Sara Lance was killed by Thea Queen (Willa Holland) in the season three premiere, and Laurel Lance took up her sister’s mantle in episode 10. The character will continue her transformation on Wednesday’s episode, as previewed by executive producer Marc Guggenheim.

“If you’re a Laurel Lance Black Canary fan, this episode is going to make you insanely happy,” he teased in a promo. “This is our first episode with Black Canary in full view, total action. It’s a pretty significant step in the life of the series.”

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The moment Arrow fans have been waiting for finally came to fruition during last week’s episode as Katie Cassidy suited up as the Black Canary.

“I can’t tell you how happy it made me,” Cassidy gushes to EW. “I remember at the end of season 2, they needed to fit Sara’s [Caity Lotz] jacket on me and I started to cry when I put it on. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I’m so happy and honored. From Day 1, I knew that eventually that’s where they were planning to go with the character, but I didn’t know when and it’s television, anything can happen. Honestly, there’s no words that can even explain how lucky, excited, grateful, thrilled I am. For the Black Canary fans, I hope they’re happy with my performance and my take on the character. I hope people are happy.”

But Laurel is far from the fishnet-sporting hero fans know from the comics. In Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) absence, Laurel decidedly stepped up after new baddie Brick (Vinnie Jones) freed a slew of thugs Team Arrow worked so hard to put away. However, she doesn’t quite have the skills the Arrow does. “Even though it’s messy, you can tell there’s fire,” Cassidy says. “She has some skill, but she’s not trained.” That’s exactly why not everyone will be on board with Laurel suiting up. “But then she proves herself because she has so much heart and drive. Arsenal [Colton Haynes] is the first person to come around to it.”

Laurel’s transformation into the Black Canary will really culminate after the trilogy, in an episode aptly titled “Canaries.” “There’s going to be some really crazy, badass scenes of the Canaries fighting,” Cassidy cryptically teases. Let’s not forget, the other Canary—her sister Sara—is dead!

“You’ll be surprised how much Sara is a part of Laurel in season 3 in her going from avenging her sister’s death to honoring her sister’s death to becoming her sister,” Cassidy continues. “Sara is so much apart of season 3 as a character even though she’s physically not there. It stays with her and the show. It’s what gets Laurel out on the streets. It’s what she wants to do. She has a choice. The difference between Sara and Laurel is that Sara didn’t have a choice. When her and Oliver were on the island, she had to go through that with him. Laurel has a choice. She takes her sister’s position, but it comes from her heart and again avenging her sister’s death and honoring her sister.”

As for the one who killed her sister, the cast has already revealed that Laurel will soon find out the truth that Thea (Willa Holland) did the deed, but we’ll be “surprised by her reaction,” Cassidy says. However, Sara isn’t the only one Laurel needs to avenge—after all, those left behind in Starling City believe Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) killed Oliver. “She will seek vengeance on those who she feels deserves it,” Cassidy concludes.

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Fresh off a small role in Taken, Katie Cassidy was one of the most recognizable faces in the cast of Arrow when the show launched just over two years ago. Playing Dinah Laurel Lance, she was immediately assumed to be a Black Canary-in-waiting…and then the waiting just kept going.

Eventually, Laurel’s sister Sara — not a character from the comic book source material — was brought in to play the role of Canary and with Oliver’s romantic interests directed primarily at Felicity Smoak, some fans wondered just what role Cassidy was set to play on the hit series.

The same as ever, it turns out. This season has revolved largely around the death of Sara and Laurel’s subsequent transformation into a new, less well-trained and more tech-savvy Black Canary. We got to see her in action and in costume for the first time last week, in the first of what showrunners have described as a “Canary Trilogy,” the second installment of which airs tonight.

Cassidy joined us to discuss the series, her years of waiting for a chance in the mask and just how she handles online fans and critics in a show that’s got such a passionate base.

You’ve seemed really excited about your character and your story in recent interviews. Do you feel like you’re about to enter a really good status quo for Laurel?
Yeah! I mean, look: As an actor, I remember when I met with Greg and Marc and Andrew about this show before we shot the pilot that this is where this character was going to go. That was definitely a huge thing for me. I wanted to do action, I wanted to stay with Warner Bros. and CW and I loved the fact that this character had this journey that she would go on but I didn’t necessarily know how long it would take or what the journey would look like.

I don’t think they did, either; they just knew eventually at some point that Laurel would turn into the Black Canary. When that would be…who knows? They assumed Season One or Two, but you’re shooting a show and things change and you’re trying to find your footing and what’s working and what’s not. I think it’s smart that every character has to earn their suit or their costume. You can’t just overnight all of a sudden be a superhero. You have to go through things and hit your rock bottom and then be able to come out on top and build character and be strong.

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Black Canary is here and she’s taking names!

Katie Cassidy swings into action in tonight’s all-new Arrow as Starling City’s latest crime-fighting crusader – but be warned, her debut isn’t exactly the stuff of lore. Driven by her quest to seek revenge for her sister’s death, Laurel’s sloppy rookie mistakes create more problems than solutions, and it’s an unlikely friend who may be her sole savior.

Without Oliver Queen in the mix, is Laurel in over her head as Black Canary? Cassidy caught up with ETonline to dish on what’s to come – plus, scoop on the upcoming “Canaries” reunion!

ETonline: You had such a dramatic entrance at the end of last week’s episode! Is that a preview of what’s to come for Black Canary?
Katie Cassidy: Yeah absolutely! We saw Black Canary at the end of the last episode and I definitely think that’s an introduction to her three-part arc in the next coming weeks – [from] avenging her sister’s death to honoring her sister and becoming her sister, but with her own take on it. She has a ton of drive and heart and she’s a fighter, a go-getter.

ETonline: How do the team – Felicity, Roy and Diggle – first react to Black Canary?
Cassidy: At first, “Team Arrow” doesn’t necessarily respond to it very well but eventually, Roy will start to see that Laurel actually has it in her to go out on the streets and to fight, and that she’s choosing to do this for her sister and for the city and that she means well. He begins to support her.

ETonline: Colton Haynes told us that Roy is the first one to be on Laurel’s side as she transitions to her Canary role. Sounds like their partnership progresses on a more serious level?
Cassidy: Yeah, it absolutely will – just with Laurel being involved in Team Arrow. It’s been a blast and I’m having the best time.

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Katie’s most recent movie “The Scribbler” was released on Blu-Ray/DVD a little time ago and at last I got my hands on a copy. Katie stars as Suki who has multiple personalities and who is trying to find out who she is and if she is the real Suki. I have to say it was a very different take on movies today, and Katie killed the roll and I would say its her best work to date. I have updated the gallery with over 1400+ 1080p Blu-Ray screen captures from the main movie just a shame there were no bonus features.

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Katie was last night at The 26th Annual Producers Guild Of American Awards with boyfriend Dana Brunetti! I have added photos from the event to the gallery. And thanks to grantgustin.net

for some of the photos

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The producer’s preview for next week’s episode of Arrow has been uploaded by SpoilerTV! In the video bellow, Andrew Kreisberg speaks about Laurel being Black Canary plus we get to see more of her in action!

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